Composite Bonding

 Composite Bonding


One of the best kept secrets in dentistry is bonding & sculpting. 
Bonding is the general term used for the chemical bond of resin to tooth structure.
Although Bonding is not always desireable as the best suitable option, it can create
stunning results!


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Close gaps between teeth (diastemas)

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Change the colour of teeth
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Change the shape of teeth
 teeth whitening Cape Town Lengthening / Shortening a tooth


 What is it?

If you have healthy tooth structure and want to alter the shape, colour, size or angle
of a tooth, a resin material can be sculpted over a part or the whole tooth to create
the desired result. Although this is not a longterm solution like porcelain crowns or
veneers, it can create an amazing short to medium term result.

 Composite Bonding                 Composite Bonding

 Front teeth show lots of 
at the biting edges.


 Front 4 teeth were build
up with Composite Bonding

 Composite Bonding before    Even teeth done with Composite Bonding

 Uneven teeth


  Teeth are build out with
  composite bonding




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