Composite Fillings

 White fillings

Say goodbye to your old ugly metal (amalgam) fillings!

The days of ugly metal (amalgam) fillings are long gone.
Although they still exist, we have so many more cosmetically
 pleasing options of which Composite Fillings are one!


 What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite is a filled resin material with almost the same workable characteristics as clay, making it easy to shape teeth almost any way we like. As in the photo, metal (amalgam) fillings are replaced by white composite fillings.


 Indications of Composite Fillings

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Replacement of small to medium-sized metal (amalgam) fillings

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Restoring small to medium-sized cavities.

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Closing food traps that cause irritation and gum problems.

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Fill in yellow areas of wear and tear (biting surfaces of lower teeth)

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Cover open tooth neck areas that are unsightly and sensitive

 teeth whitening Cape Town Replace previously stained restorations
 teeth whitening Cape Town NEW!!   With the new fiber-reinforced resin fillings, larger restorations are now possible!

 Advantages of Composite Fillings

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Same colour as natural teeth

 teeth whitening Cape Town

Short term alternative to  crowning or  porcelain inlay / onlays

 teeth whitening Cape Town

Permits less tooth structure reduction than conventional fillings

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Bonds chemically to tooth structure and eliminates unnecessary drilling

Although these composite fillings are more prone to staining and chipping than more expensive options, they provide excellent results and repairing them is just as easy!


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        Old Amalgam fillings
          Back teeth showing old metal fillings



     Old Amalgam fillings
                           Before & After



   Composite White Fillings
  Great looking composite fillings







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