Dental Inlays,
Onlays & Overlays

Dental Inlays 

Inlays / Onlays / Overlays are all basically the same  -
the prefix of the word describes its position on the
"in", "on" or "over"


When are Inlays / Onlays / Overlays indicated?

Dental inlays / onlays / overlays replace a part of the tooth, and are therefor all different types of designs of porcelain inserts.
This type of restoration is indicated in nearly all forms of restorative work, as it replaced the lost tooth structure with a strong and durable lasting porcelain option. Alternatively resin is used if a white restoration is preferred, but for more smaller defects.

A general rule of thumb is that if more than half of the tooth must be replaced or if an important functional cusp is missing, porcelain inlays or onlays are indicated.

Replacing Amalgam restorations
Traditional amalgam fillings were placed by ways of an undercut in the tooth to create retention for the filling, but this tend to cause cracking in the tooth over time.
These teeth also often have a 'blue-ish' appearance due to the staining from the metal ions that leak into the tooth. Porcelain effectively mask these typical blue-grey areas .
These old amalgam metal fillings are best replaced with by these porcelain inlays as the porcelain is bonded to the tooth without any undercuts and restoring the tooth back to its original function, strength and esthetics!

Porcelain is typically used to replace amalgam fillings and to restore the badly reduced tooth structure which were caused by trauma or tooth decay. The strength and longevity of a well constructed and /or well maintained inlay / onlay, are better than an amalgam filing. The great natural appearance makes this restoration almost undetectable with the naked eye! Porcelain is also stain-free and the first choice in the cosmetic replacement of big restorations.

Procedure for Inlays / Onlays / Overlays

The traditional method takes 2 appointments at the dentist to fit a porcelain inlay / onlay / overlay. By using our new state of the art, CEREC® TECHNOLOGY, patients will require only 1 appointment.



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          Dental Inlays
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       Dental Inlays
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       Old Defective Amalgam Filling
           Old amalgam filling showing  



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