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 Exam + Xrays @ R399

To make your first visit extra special to us Blouberg Dental Practice is offering you the following voucher:  


Full dental exam & cavity check


2X dental X-rays

 * Complimentary cosmetic check



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 Oral Hygiene @ R249

We at Blouberg Dental really want all our patients to have healthy, clean
and sparkling white teeth! You know Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.
Plaque, coffee, tea, red wine and food stains build up on our teeth on a daily basis. If plaque is accidently left behind, it will slowly build up and hardens and will become impossible to remove with routine home cleaning.

To see if you are in need of a dental clean just look behind your LOWER FRONT teeth. Calculus or hard deposits first accumulate here and can lead to gum problems and bad breath.


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 Teeth whitening @ R999

Most of us want to have whiter and cleaner teeth.
Although our professional tray whitening(R1800) is amazing value we do also offer even more...
With our incredible-cannot-refuse-ROCK-BOTTOM price we offer professional teeth whitening to all new patients!
This is a qualifying program and to see if you qualify, go to our unlimited whitening page...

(prices for 2013 only)



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