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 Cerec CAD CAM Dentistry


CEREC® stands for CERamic REconstruction.
The technology revolutionized dentistry by effectively replacing the need for a dental laborotory to manufacture all ceramic restorations. The tooth is prepared by the dentist and then a 3D image is taken with a special camera that sends the information to a computer.
The dentist then design the new CROWN, VENEER, INLAY/ONLY or BRIDGE with the software and then sends the design to a milling unit. The design is then milled out(as seen in photo above) and the dentist can fit the restoration in the patient's mouth.
No need for impressions or second visits!  For our patients this means fewer injections, less drilling and less time to take off to visit the dentist!  To finally say goodbye to that ‘METAL MOUTH', choose CEREC natural fillings. 
CEREC® makes it possible to prepare, design and fit all ceramic restorations in only 1 single visit!

The Ceramic

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The CEREC® restorations are made from ceramic, a natural substance that is compatible with the body. It has the same characteristics as normal healthy enamel.

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It is similarly hard wearing, unaffected by hot / cold (coffee or ice-cream) and wear the same as enamel when grinding food.
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The ceramic is so smooth that bacteria cannot penetrate it
 teeth whitening Cape Town No metalic taste
 teeth whitening Cape Town No effects from electric currents ("shock' as in 2 opposing metal fillings)

Types of CEREC restorations

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Inlays / Onlays

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Full crowns 
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 teeth whitening Cape Town Short span bridges

Benefits of Cerec Inlays

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Restoring of big defects often requires crowning, but with CEREC®  inlays the strength of the new tooth is sufficient to eliminate the use of full crowns, which serve in the perseverance of more healthy tooth structure.

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The ceramic is stain resistible and will never discolour.
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The ceramic will not cause opposing tooth wear (Unlike other porcelains)
 teeth whitening Cape Town Ideal for replacing of metal fillings of any size. (No unsightly "blue-ish" tint on teeth)
 teeth whitening Cape Town Only 1 visit is necessary.
 teeth whitening Cape Town Restore cracked or broken teeth.
 teeth whitening Cape Town Ideal for restoring sensitive teeth due to wear, decay or fracture. 
 teeth whitening Cape Town Ideal for restoring teeth in the patient with a strong bite ( grinding teeth).
 teeth whitening Cape Town Longlasting and durable restoration.
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No need for full crowning of teeth in many cases.


If you always wanted those metal filling replaced with beautiful, natural-looking restorations, choose CEREC® Technology!

To find out more about CEREC® Technology, see
One VISIT Crowns & Veneers.


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