Oral Hygienists

 Oral Hygienist

At BDP we are proud of our Oral Hygienists as they form the backbone of Prevention & Maintenance.
Although teeth cleaning forms an integral part of their work, they also perform many other dental services.

 Wendy du Plessis

Wendy was part of our team since day 1 and brings a vast amount of experience to the team. She loves all the aspects of oral hygiene and believes that everyone should have a beautiful white smile.

'People often ask me why I do what I do. The answer is simple. Dental Health leads to General Health! I love helping people and giving them a new, clean and white smile is a real thrill!

Besides general Cleaning & Polishing I also offer my patients Teeth whitening treatments! I enjoy seeing their smiles transform from the ordinary to a new youthful radiant look and love the difference it makes in their lives!'

 Luanne Vos

Luanne joined the practice in 2012 and with a background and degree in psycology offers a new and fresh look at treating the typically nervous patient. She also loves working with children and has a real way with people. Her way of explaining and educating her patients speaks volumes and compliments her emphatic approach!

'The technology and tools we have today just blows my mind. I have a special interest in helping people that are nervous, scared or have some kind of dental fear.

My psychology background also helps me to understand people better and I love working with moms and babies!'


      Wendy Du Plessis
              Wendy Du Plessis




       Luanne Vos
                     Luanne Vos                        









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