Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers 

Porcelain dental veneers are the the big hype in dentistry today! These ultra thin coverings are the reason so many people choose to have dentistry done and in effect change the way we all feel about dentistry today.

When patients hear the term "Dental Veneers" the thought of a "Fast & Beautiful Hollywood Smile" jumps to their minds.  Dental Veneers require minimal tooth reduction and are therefore more conservative than Crowns.  It's not the only alternative for aesthetic abnormalities, but it's truly a remarkable restoration when it's the treatment of choice.

 What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are thin superficial coverings for teeth. They are usually made from porcelain or resin and are usually applied to the front teeth. Huge cosmetic improvements can be made with veneers to rectify the colour, size and shape of teeth.

 Dental Veneers Indications

The teeth must be reasonable healthy, but with an aesthetic problem regarding colour or shape. We don't want to sacrifice a healthy tooth structure in the name of cosmetics. A good balance of minimal tooth preparation and great esthetics are our main objective.

Veneers are made to change the colour, shape, alignment, size of teeth and to close gaps. Although Orthodontics are always the first choice, many people decide to have veneers as it is a fast and quick option. Care should however be taken to remove as little as possible tooth structure if any, to keep this option as conservative as possible.

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Dental Veneers
Veneer is placed on tooth


Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneer





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