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 teeth whitening Practically Pain-Free Dental Care
One of the reasons why people love our offices so much is the way we deal with 'injections' and pain. We are patients ourselves and know exately how you feel. Personally we don't like injections, period!
We at BDP make use of numerous techniques to make injections as comfortable as ever. There is even a new way now where we can give you an almost 100% pain-free injection...

  'We believe in pain-free dental care!'

 teeth whitening

We'll show you how
At Blouberg Dental we believe in 'show' and 'tell'. Some of our offices are equipped with intra-oral cameras so you can follow us and see exactely where that 'problem' tooth is and what it looks like. This special camera is linked to a screen so we can show you as we go along. A picture is worth a thousand words!


 teeth whitening cape town

Unlimited Whitening!
Our amazing Unlimited Whitening program finally ensures everyone can now have a beautiful white smile and keeping it! Our teeth whitening is not just affordable, it ensures having white teeth for life!
Teeth whiteing is NEVER a once-off process as it is so often been told in the media and marketing compaigns. To maintain your white teeth and smile after whitening you need maintenance. Unlimited Whitening offers all our patients complimentary whitening for life at no cost!
(only available to patients / conditions apply)

 teeth whitening

Affordable Dentistry
We know that dentistry is not the most inexpensive cost in your life, but it is a necessity. Most medical insurance only cover their prescribed procedures and all have different rules and regulations to suit their business profile best. This does not necessasarily means best for you.

We offer estimates so you can plan and budget to see what treatment or plan will be financially best for you.
We will always provide you with different treatment options, but will aim for the ideal treatment. This means we are neither cheap nor expensive.

 teeth whitening

Our fees & Payment options
We offer a 20% discount apon immediate settlement and our range of payment options include:

 We have found that the most economical way to get a loan is to use
 the 'budget' option on your credit card. Most people don't even know
 about this option. This works out to be +- *2% interest per month.
 (most banks/* Sept 2013)

 teeth whitening

Digital X-rays
Although traditional film x-rays still exists, all our main operatories are now equipped with state of the art digital x-rays. This means we can now take x-rays with only 10% of the original radiation, view them instantly with no development down time and have special functions like zoom control and screen projection!


 teeth whitening Music & TV!
Some of our operating rooms now have 'roof TV' to help you escape in a virtual world where sound and visuals can almost make you forget you are visiting the dentist. Watch one of your favourite movies or view the Springboks in live action, all while you are getting your smile polished.

 teeth whitening

We hate making you wait
At Blouberg Dental we value you and your time. Although we always try to be on schedule emergencies do happen, but for us that is just not good enough. If we are ever running more than 15 minutes late we knock R50 off your bill.

 teeth whitening

1 VISIT Computerized Dentistry!
We at Blouberg Dental pride ourself in offering one visit, same day procedures. True to our motto of delivering state-of-the-art services, we have invested in digital CAD-CAM technology.
The new CEREC 3D system allows us the ability to manufacture full porcelain CROWNS, VENEERS, INLAYS, ONLAYS and short BRIDGES all in just one visit!
The future of dentistry is here. Be part of it or miss out...


 teeth whitening

'Sleep while we Treat' dentistry
Are you the one cancelling your dental appointments due to fear of visiting the dentist? At Blouberg Dental we offer 'sleep while we treat' or sedation dentistry.
Say goodbye to fear, anxiety or sleepless nights!
With sedation dentistry you can now do all that work in just one 'short' sleepy visit!


 teeth whitening  24 Hour Emergency Service
As a valued patient of Blouberg Dental you have access to emergency dental care around the clock!
Contact us now to get help from the dentist on duty.

 teeth whitening

 Guilt FREE office
Studies have shown that the number 1 reason for people putting off that dental visit is not because of fear or pain, but because they want to avoid the guilty feeling of not visiting the dentist. They are afraid of getting lectured by the dentist.
At our office we will never lecture you or make you feel embarressed.
If we ever lecture you or make you feel guilty, you get a FREE GIFT Certificate for a dinner for 2!


 teeth whitening  Off-Street Secure Parking
We understand how important your time is and trying to find parking can sometimes be a big nuisance. We have secure off street parking reserved just for you. See for yourself what the outside of our building looks like on google street maps!

 Dental Cafe

 Dental Cafe
We stock everything you need to have to help you getting and keeping your best possible smile ever! From bad breath treatment, teeth whitening products, toothpastes, dental first aid kits and even dental sugar!


teeth whitening   Stop getting Cavities Program
At Blouberg Dental we believe prevention forms the cornerstone of dental education. It is not just good enough to drill and fill cavities, you need to get rid of the real cause in order to prevent new tooth decay from forming. We have put together our amazing 'stop getting cavities' program to help you to know the REAL TRUTH about tooth decay.
(program coming soon!)



teeth whitening cape town

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