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Announcing a
 Breakthrough in Dentistry!

 Say Goodbye to FEAR & FOBIA when going to the dentist!


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Do you have a fear for needles? 

 teeth whitening Cape Town

Do you break out in a cold sweat when hearing the word "Dentist"?
 teeth whitening Cape Town

And finally, that "high pitched" noise  It is enough to make you put off your dental visit for another year or at least until your toothache becomes unbearable... !!

Fearful dental patients are raving

 about this amazing procedure that
allows you
to eliminate


 No more sleepless nights before that appointment, terrible smells, noises & gagging, sweaty palms or heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, having that uneasy knot in your stomach and finally no more fear and dental phobia!


Say hello to SEDATION or

...where you sleep
while we work.

How does it work?

2 options are available:

 teeth whitening Cape Town

Taking a special tablet 1 hour before the procedure:
This will help you to relax and to just take the 'edge' off. Almost like a strong sleeping tablet. Someone must accompany you to provide transport to and from the surgery.

  Cost: The price of the tablet


 teeth whitening Cape Town

Being completely asleep during the procedure
This option is very popular, especially for all our kiddies patients. We get a Sedation doctor out on-site to help you into dreamland. 
 You get a drip in your hand ( and YES, this is painless as you get a ‘numbing sticker’ on your hand first (on request)) and all the drugs are being given to you intravenously.

      cost: +- R2000 per hour (2011 fees)
The cost  is normally worked out according to the time. Most medical aids cover this treatment, but you have to get pre-authorization.

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