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Apart form everyday dental care and family care, we at Blouberg Dental also have a passion for creating beautiful smiles! Many of the million dollar Hollywood smiles were not created that way, they were made that way by our amazing dental proffesion! Whether you are unhappy with your total smile or just a crooked incisor, we can help you to get your confidence back by making you smile!

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How do we start?

We ussually start with a cosmetic interview to find out what really bothers you and if the options that are available to us, can help you.

Smile Makeovers ussually include some or all of the following strategies:


Teeth whitening

The right base colour is crucial to match any new dental work to.


Moving the teeth in the right position is always the ideal and best option. If you decide against this option, the following cosmetic options follows:

Composite Bonding

With tooth coloured resin we now have the ability to change the shape, size, colour, length and form of any tooth with minimal tooth reduction.


Dental Veneers/Crowns

Porcelain is the longterm material of choice and with this as a full or partial coverage, your teeth can be made or change to almost any shape, ift or size!
Dental veneers truly changed the way we do dentistry in the modern era.


Cosmetic Fillings

Removing old defective metal and discoloured restorations and change this with WHITE composite or porcelain, rounds of your smile in no time!

Biteplate & Follow ups

Biteplates are normally essential to prevent and protect your new dental restorations form unnessary 'wear' and 'chipping'.


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