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Many patients are confused about the options that are available. Where does one look for the option that is right for you? We believe that all our patients should benefit from the life that comes with a white, bright smile! It's not just about whiter teeth. It's about confidence.. and that changes lives! In order to provide teeth whitening to all our patients, we are offering a WHITENING MENU. Here you will find the whitening option that will suit your lifestyle and your pocket.

 Teeth Whitening Menu

Allow us to introduce you to the menu of premium whitening products:

 OTC Alternative

You might wonder why we call it the "OTC Alternative"
It is because Treswhite® requires:

 teeth whitening Cape Town

NO Impressions

 teeth whitening Cape Town

NO Models
 teeth whitening Cape Town NO Lab Time
 teeth whitening Cape Town NO Dental Visits

Treswhite® is ready to go out of the package.  It comes in packs of 10 upper and lower disposable, easy-to-use, pre-filled trays.  Simply place the tray in your mouth, adjust the inner tray, an wear it for 45-60 minutes, once a day.  It's that easy!

It is more simple and easier to use than supermarket-products.  It is also a prescription strength formula at an affordable price.  This means more effective results, faster!  Should the 10 treatments not be enough for the brightest result, you can purchase another pack of 10 treatments. 

Treswhite®is our entry level option and with such an affordable price tag, everyone can get a white smile!  No more excuses...

To start whitening your teeth today, purchase this option from our practice


 Customized Option - Tray Whitening

This customized "Take-Home-System" is so effective, because everything about it is customized. That means it is tailor-made for you, your smile and your lifestyle!


 The 2-Steps Process

Appointment: Impressions are taken of your teeth.  This allows us to make a custom-fit gel holding appliance called a whitening tray


Appointment:  You will receive your whitening trays and a complete kit with detailed instructions to start whitening your teeth straight away

The whitening is done by yourself in the comfort of your own home! The detailed instructions makes it easy to use.
Custom fabricated tray whitening are still the "Gold Standard" in teeth whitening world wide.  This means that it is easy, safe, reliable and a true longterm investment as you get to keep the trays for re-use later in life!  You are always in full control of the procedure and can determine how white and bright you want your teeth to be.

The length of the treatment can be anywhere from 7 - 21 days, depending on the starting shade and methods of use.  For the best results we recommend that you have an examination and a teeth cleaning session before you start the whitening treatment.

To start whitening your teeth, make an appointment today 

NEW: You can now get this system for only R999!  Click below:  http://myteeth.co.za/index.php/myteeth/secondary/unlimited_whitening /


 In-Office ZOOM!

If you just can't wait to get that ultimate white smile and you're really pressed for time - and you have to have your new white smile yesterday - ZOOM WHITENING can make your teeth up to 10 shades lighter in under an hour!   

ZOOM whitening is the whitening method used by Dr Bill Dorfman (America's dentist to the stars) as seen on Extreme Makeover! 

Whatever you have heard, read or seen, this is the future of teeth whitening! People want results and they want it now!

ZOOM offers exactly that!

Maybe you are getting married next weekend, or maybe you just like to get results faster.  Whatever your reason, ZOOM WHITENING will get you the whitest, brightest teeth in the shortest period of time possible!


 How Does ZOOM Works?


A special lightis positioned over the whitening gel which then activates the gel's active ingredient(hydrogen peroxide) and breaks it down to oxygen. The oxygen enters the enamel and dentine, bleaching any coloured substances while the structure of the teeth is unchanged. See Video below:


 ZOOM In Only 1 Visit!:

After an initial whitening consultation your dentist will shedule you for a 90 minute Zoom appointment.

The Appointment: 

The procedure begins with covering yourlips, mouth and gumsleaving only your teeth exposed. The ZOOM whitening gel is applied to the areas that need whitening and the  ZOOM LIGHT is then placed over your teeth to start the whitening treatment.

The light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up stains and discolouration. After only 45 minutes(3 X 15 minute sessions) a new white smile awaits you. Over the next 48 hours the whitening process will reach its whitest level.


 Home Care:

Those with particularly stubborn staining may be asked to continue with a home-use whitening sustem.
You will receive your customized whitening trays and a complete kit with detailed instructions to finish off your treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Although you might be totally happy with your results, a touch up now and again might become necessary and unlike other whitening products we want to make sure you get and keep your new white smile for as long as possible! This home care represents our 'Customized option' and helps to continue the whitening process in the comfort of your home. 

As you can see we have left nothing untouched! With ZOOM! whitening getting the white teeth you've always wanted in the shortest possible time and keeping them as white, is now as easy as you can say 'ZOOM!'


  Placing gel in back of tooth
        Back of tooth showing gel placement



  Dark front tooth
                  Dark front tooth indicating
                         the tooth is 'dead'



  Great result after whitening


  Root treatment done
  White line indicating
  root treatment






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