a Teeth Whitening Gift






  A great smile is always
WHITE smile!

uess what is the first thing 
other people notice when meeting you for the first time?

Your smile!

We as dentists know this and want all our patients to
have the best smile they can possibly have. This will do
incredible stuff for your confidence and self-esteem.
Most of the Hollywood and moviestars weren't born with
those pearly whites, they got a little help somewhere.

Whether you have a crooked incisior
or missing tooth, the fact is,
we can help!

To kickstart your new smile,
we are offering you professional teeth whitening at the incredible,
 drop dead rock
 bottom price
of only


On top of this we want you to have a
white smile today,
 and next year!

 Most teeth whitening options only focus on getting white
 teeth today, but coffee, tea, smoking and just everyday
 life will soon wear away your beautiful white teeth.
You see, teeth whitening is NEVER a once-off process.
You need ongoing maintenance.

We are offering you whitening for life (unlimited Whitening)
free of charge every 6 months as our way of saying
'thank you'for looking after your teeth.

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