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Why Us

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape Town Dentistry with a Cosmetic Edge!
We place a very high emphasis and value on Family and Kids Dentistry, but with an aesthetic or cosmetic edge! We are not just about teeth. We are about people and family. We make sure we know how it feels to sit in the dental chair. Believe us, sometimes we sit there ourselves! We love family and have a special touch for our kiddies patients. 

So What Make Us Different?
What makes us different is our focus on taking cosmetic dentistry to the whole family! We offer special dad cosmetic packagesmom makeover packages and finally giving your children a cavity-free sparkling white smile! Some of our flagship procedures include affordable Teeth Whitening, reversing the ageing smile, Dental Veneers, Adult Metal-free braces, Stop Snoring Appliances & Makeovers.
From the smallest filling or dental cleaning, our emphasis is always to improve or enhance the overall aesthetic and cosmetic value of your smile.

 Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape Town Price Zoom Teeth Whitening Program
We believe that teeth whitening will benefit most people. To make this available to everyone and especially our families we offer teeth whitening at the most affordable prices comparing to other providers. This is also our way of introducing you to the first step to experience some of the amazing cosmetic dentistry services. Get ready for an almost instant confidence booster!


Pain-Free Dental Care
One of the main reasons people love our office is because we do everything possible to make sure they don't feel a thing! One of our goals is to make fear, anxiety and pain a thing of the past when visiting the dentist. We are treating you, not just your teeth. We personally have a low tolerance for pain and always hated the prick of that darn needle..., but there is now a new way where we can give you an almost 100% pain-free injection!

Electronic Injection Option- In some cases, we make use of the 'wand system'. This new modern injection method do away with the traditional syringe and controls the speed of the flow of the anesthetic solution to ensure a consistent reliable technique. 

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownSeeing Is Believing
At our offices we don't just tell - we'll SHOW you.  With our Intra Oral Camera, you have the ability to see your teeth on plasma T.V and judge for yourself.  This way diagnosing leaking restorations, cracks, discolourations and tooth decay improve our overall quality of dentistry.  Don't just take our word for it - SEE for yourself! 

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape Town Dentistry For The Whole Family
We know that dentistry is not the most inexpensive cost in your life, but it is a necessity. We have found that putting off that dental appointment has let to some disastrous dental experiences that could have been avoided with minimal treatment.  We will always provide you with different treatment options but will aim for the ideal treatment.  That means we are neither cheap nor expensive. 

Our range of payment options include:
* Cash
* Credit card (straight or budget)
* Debit card
* Electronic payment (EFT)  
* Third Party Finance (  

We have found that the most economical way to get a loan is to use the 'budget' option on your credit card. Many people don't even know how this can be used to give yourself a loan! (This works out to be under *2% interest per month.  (most banks/* 2020) 
**To learn more about our payment options, click here.

 Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape Town Amalgam-Free Dentistry 
We are an Amalgam FREE (metal fillings) practice and only use resins and porcelain materials where possible. We are concerned about the negative health implications, as well as the impact on the environment. For this reason, we make use of white restorative materials only and offer a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic alternatives.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownMagnification To See Better
We can only treat what we can see. Magnification in dentistry is almost a must in order to provide optimal quality care. And no, our eyesight is not going south, technology is just helping us working smarter and increasing our quality and standards. We wear special glasses called loupes to help us diagnosing better and increasing our overall vision and focus. Detecting that little crack on your back molar that everyone else missed is now clearly visible. Seeing is believing!

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownWhat Is That Light On Your Head Doctor?
By literally putting more light on the 'subject' or in this case your tooth, we can see even better! We make use of a special headlight that focusses the light on the area we are working on and thus make sure there are no dark or hidden areas we cannot see. Like a sniper with his laser gun, we can now put our focus with 'laser'-precision on the target. 

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownLots Of Off-Street Secure Parking
We know that you have a busy schedule and do not have time to look for parking.  Our premises provide lots of free, secure and off-street parking. 

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownStop Getting Cavities Program
At Blouberg Dental, we specialize in treating the real cause of tooth decay and not just the symptoms.  We use to think to eat too many sweeties and poor teeth brushing habits are the big cause of tooth decay. However, that was only a half-truth.  We make use of scientifically proven programs that will give you a real chance to stop getting cavities, period.  This means more money in your pocket for you and your family.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownGuilt-Free Dental Office 
Studies have shown that the number 1 reason why people put off their dental visit is not because of fear or pain, but to avoid the guilty feeling for putting off the visit.  People are afraid to get lectured by the dentist or staff and that could be seen as a personal attack.  At our office, if we lecture you or make you feel guilty, you get a FREE gift certificate for a dinner for 2!  

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownRoof TV & Listen To Music
We provide a range of DVDs, music video facilities and live Netflix and Youtube streaming to help you make lengthy appointments a breeze while listening and watching your favourite songs and artists.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownStress-Free, No Needles Needed
We offer Sedation Dentistry to the more anxious patient.  Relax, catch up on some sleep and let us make your visits truly stress-free!

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownNo Waiting Room
We value your time and will do our very best to be always on schedule.  However, emergencies can happen and occasionally we might be running a few minutes late.  For us, that is just not good enough.  If you ever wait longer than 15 minutes, we will knock R50 off your bill.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape Town24-Hour Emergency Service
As a valid member of Blouberg Dental, whatever the time of day or night, our emergency service is there for you. Contact us to get help from the dentist on duty.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownOne-Visit Computerized Dentistry
We make use of the latest state-of-the-art CEREC Computerized Technology. No more messy impressions, temporary caps or fillings when doing crowns or porcelain restorations.  Fewer injections, less Dentist-time and only 1- VISIT! We make use of same day dentistry where-ever possible!

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownUnique Services
We are proud to offer you some unique services and amazing products that you will not easily find elsewhere. Services like our stop snoring appliance (SSA), Digital Smile Design (DSD), CEREC 1 Visit Dentistry, clear braces, Prevent Cavities Program(PCP), dental sugar, and do-it-yourself teeth whitening are some unique products. To see a complete list of all our services click here.

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownDigital X-Rays
With our latest Digital X-Rays, we are able to cut radiation down to only 10% of the original dose and also open up amazing possibilities in diagnosing problems. With features like zoom control, zero development time and screen projection, it is almost like watching a movie!

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownNo Electricity, No Problem!
We have invested in alternative power supply options and are here to serve you even if our country experienced load shedding. No need to worry about time wasted, we are online around the clock!

Dentist Tableview; dentist Blouberg; dentist Cape TownMonthly Newsletter
As a member of Blouberg Dental, look out for our monthly jam-packed newsletter.  This newsletter is full of tips and tricks that you can't afford to miss.  Be the first to know about special discounts & prizes.  We will keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of dentistry. Sign up now and become a member of our website.