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Unlimited Whitening

This is 'custom tray teeth whitening' on steroids! Are you looking for pay once and never again teeth whitening solution? Are you tired of whitening methods that don't provide lasting results? Do you want to have a sparkling, dazzling...
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Custom Tray Teeth Whitening

The Most Popular Option World Wide!Unlike other over-the-counter products that provide standard 'boil and fit' or a just 'one size fits all' approach, this professional 'dentist-only' system provides you with your own unique custom-fitted whitening trays.The...
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Custom Tray Teeth Whitening (Do It Yourself)

R999 only!No dentist needed!This is option A (custom trays), but with a twist. For many people teeth whitening does not fit in their financial budget and professional custom trays are often out of their reach. Supermarket products are their only...
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