Unlimited Whitening

This is 'custom tray teeth whitening' on steroids! Are you looking for pay once and never again teeth whitening solution? Are you tired of whitening methods that don't provide lasting results? 
Do you want to have a sparkling, dazzling and white smile FOR LIFE? Teeth whitening is never a once-off do-it-now-and-never-again procedure.
We constantly expose our teeth to coffee, tea, wine and all those colourful foodstuff that stains our teeth. Finally, we have listened and brought you the option to have a white smile for life by rewarding you with an unlimited supply of whitening. 


How Does It Work?
Unlimited Whitening is a dentist reward system that REWARDS you for looking after your teeth by providing you with complimentary teeth whitening for life!


How To Qualify:
(1) Routine Dental Checkup plus 
(2) Oral Hygiene Cleaning
... you are doing this anyway, right? If not, start now and we will reward you for looking after your dental health by giving you an unlimited supply of teeth whitening.
(3) Cost is R1500 (see special below)



What Will You Get?
Professional custom tray whitening! (option A) (Value 2020: R2699)
*  A FREE whitening syringe every 6 months for life when visiting the oral hygienist
        (Value: Priceless!)


Requirements To Stay On The System?
Just visit the Oral Hygienist every 6 months for cleaning to ensure healthy teeth*
*Your yearly requirements to stay on the system and get your FREE Whitening syringe



Why Do We Offer This?
We believe that by rewarding you for looking after your teeth it is a sure system to successful dental

unlimited whitening




R2200! No Other Costs



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