On-The-Go Clean

Whether you are on a tight budget, had a dental cleaning recently or just want to remove some staining from your teeth, our On-The-Go option might be for you!  We can drop the fluoride treatment and focus more on a good polishing session that removes plaque and staining. Toddlers, babies and Kids under 6 years are all good candidates!  Regular 3 monthly recall patients also qualify!





This is a Light Polish session only, but sometimes this is all that is needed.


This Service Includes the Following:


1)  Polish
2)  Stain and Plaque removal on front teeth






Who Will Benefit From This?



  • Kids under 6 years old

  • People that come 3-monthly

  • Light-medium staining on your teeth

  • People that prefer a short & gentle clean

  • You had a cleaning a short while ago, but just need a touch-up!

  • Regular smokers that want to come every 3 months for stain removal




Price:         R399   (2020 pricing)







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