Sleep Dentistry For Kids

We at Blouberg dental really love kids! We know that dental treatment is not always the easiest thing to introduce your child to, but know that it is a necessity. Many times delaying that dental appointment has led to some disastrous consequences!
On the other hand, not one patient is the same and we just love this individuality about our patients and children. This also means that for some kids no matter how good and gently our approach is, they would just prefer to be asleep or at least be made more sleepy. This is where Sedation dentistry or Sleep dentistry can help.

When is my child a good candidate for sedation?
We would normally get a good feel for how cooperative and easy your child is when it comes to dental treatment. If your child is too young to go through the whole process of receiving a dental fillingpulpotomy or tooth extraction, sedation might be a good option. Sometimes even if your child is OK to get a filling, the scope and length of treatment needed to complete the whole treatment plan can be too daunting and long. 

















sedation tableview; sedation dentist blouberg            After the dentist told me my child needed 6 fillings I was overwhelmed. Sedation dentistry was the answer.


To find out more about our sedation dentistry service, please see Sedation Dentistry.

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