Kids Dental Crowns

When a baby tooth is largely destroyed due to tooth decay, infection or trauma, a normal dental filling will not be sufficient to restore it. Many times the only alternative option is to remove the baby tooth. This might seem like a good idea, but removing baby teeth prematurely can have serious consequences. Space problems can develop and this means unnecessarily complicating future growth of the teeth and jaws. 
Placing a kids' dental crown or pediatric crown on these teeth will enable us to keep the baby tooth. 

What are kids dental crowns?
Kids dental crowns or pediatric crowns are mainly stainless steel crowns that are premade and then fitted over the baby tooth. The crowns are very light and super smooth and seal the tooth off perfectly. It is important to notice that although these crowns have a metal look, it does not contain any of the toxic mercury elements found in amalgam restorations. These stainless steel crowns or caps come pre-ordered and the dentist just squeezes them over the broken-down baby tooth. 
The big advantage of these crowns is that they are very strong(stainless steel) and will instantly restore function and keep the space to prevent the collapse of the adjacent teeth. 










stainless steel crowns tableview; stainless steel crowns blouberg  Stainless steel crowns are very affordable, non-toxic and kids love them!  




What about the colour of these crowns
The only negative about these crowns is the colour. Unfortunately, stainless steel crowns look like stainless steel. This means that these crowns are normally only used on the back baby molar teeth and not the front teeth.
Most kids love their new teeth and think of them as future robotic teeth that give them superpowers! So cool!

















        dental crowns tableview; dental crowns blouberg             dental crowns tableview; dental crowns blouberg
Stainless steel crown on a baby molar  Crown 







The cost of stainless steel kids crowns
Apart from all the benefits, a final benefit is the price! Kids dental crowns are very affordable and costs almost the same as a very big filling.


Only one visit needed
The dentist basically cleans the problem tooth and remove all infection and tooth decay. After the correct size crown has been chosen the dentist fills the stainless steel crown with a special glue and squeezed it on to the tooth. It is important to note that stainless steel crowns are not the same as traditional or cerec crowns. Stainless steel crowns are pre-made and come in lots of different sizes. 


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