Full Cosmetic Smile Consultation

We believe that dentistry should not just be about cavity-free teeth and function, but should also include the enhancement of aesthetic and cosmetic components. We view all our work through a cosmetic and aesthetic lense to provide the highest overall satisfactory outcome. Our teeth and smiles form the number 1 building block of our aesthetic being and facial beauty through which we present ourselves to the world. 


Many people are unaware of the many options COSMETIC DENTISTRY is offering them. The full cosmetic exam is an in-depth consultation that may or may not include the normal cavity check exam plus to look at how we can correct any aesthetic or cosmetic dental problem. Problems and services include closing gaps between teethdental implant planning, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, composite bonding options, orthodontics, and makeovers. Sometimes the solution is obvious, but most of the time a detailed exam is necessary to make a global diagnosis that centers around the face and smile! Only after studying all the information, the best and most suitable option can be discussed.


Main Complaint:
We first listen to your main complaint and concerns that you might have about your smile. Most people will typically know what bother them as these imperfections are so part of their daily thoughts that they know what they don't want. The dentist will try to visualize how a perfect smile would look on you and if this is achievable or not. A beautiful smile is well planned and designed using the latest Digital Smile Design (DSD) techniques with the least invasive procedures possible. Many times no to little tooth structure is removed to follow the biomimetic principles of minimally invasive dentistry.


To Help Us We May Take The Following Records:
x-rays, detailed photo session that consists of specific photographs, videography, dental impressions to cast study models and then after-hours discussions with our team of dentists, specialists and dental technicians.


During The Consultation Everything Is Taken Into Consideration:
The eyes, mouth, midline, facial shape, nose size, and your complexion.  Your budget is also important and determines which option will suit you best. It is important to realise that many times there is more than one option available. Photos will be taken and a profile will be built to highlight your problem areas so we can have a clear plan to follow to correct the problems.












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