Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning aims to remove plaque, tartar, and stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Your teeth say a lot about you. Having clean teeth today is a non-negotiable issue and unfortunately will communicate a lot about your health and personal hygiene.

Our teeth are under the constant attack of an environment that contains staining elements (tea, coffee, smoking), grinding and a bacterial (plaque) onslaught that constantly wears down those pearly whites. Having professional teeth cleaning done will put you in the driver seat again and you can say goodbye to:


* Bad Breath
* Yellow Teeth from superficial staining
* Plaque and Calculus (hard deposits)
* Smoking, Coffee & Tea Stains
* Red, Swollen and Bleeding gums
* Sensitive Teeth
* Confusion about Dental Products & Toothbrushes and what really works













   Every time after my teeth cleaning, 


I just smile more often and feel more confident!






We can help you to smile with confidence! Bring your teeth in for a service, put your feet up, relax and say hello to your new clean fresh SMILE!




Pick your Cleaning session below:






'On The Go' Clean 'Standard' Clean 'Super White' Clean EMS airflow cleaning