Custom Mouth / Sports Guards

We all love to play sports, but protecting your pearly whites is very important, especially in contact sports. Hundreds of oral injuries are prevented each year by wearing a mouthguard. No matter what age you are, if you are playing contact sports you are at serious risk to damage your teeth and smile.

A custom sports mouthguard is a plastic device that fits over the upper teeth to protect the teeth and jaw while playing sports. Hard impacts to the mouth can cause serious oral injury. 


Why Custom-fit guards?
Many stock mouth guards are available in sports shops and selected stores, but these guards do not provide any real support. Only a dentist can provide you with a professional sports guard that is custom made. The precise fit of the guard makes it easy to use as breathing with it is easy and natural. The custom-fit also provides adequate retention to prevent a loose-fitting device that usually is the case with stock options.



High-risk sports for dental injuries are:
1) Contact sports such as rugby, boxing and some types of martial arts.
2) Sports in which you risk taking a hit from a ball or from a bat such as cricket, softball, baseball, hockey, etc.


When engaging in these sports it is important to always wear your guard even while practicing, to prevent or minimize injury to yourself. Without your sports guard you are at a much higher risk of cracking and breaking teeth, avulsion of teeth (knocking them out root and all), and certain types of jaw fractures.




Procedure for making custom mouthguards:
You only have to book an appointment with your oral hygienist for her to take an impression of your teeth. They will let you know a couple of days later when your custom made sports guard will be ready to collect.
Remember that when making sports guards for children they will need a new one for each new sports season as children lose baby teeth, gain adult teeth and widen and expand their jaws at a very rapid rate. This means that last season's guard would need to be replaced if it no longer fits. 















Sport guards Tableview dentist; Sport Guards Blouberg dentist                  A sports guard is an affordable, non-expensive product and helps to protect against very costly & irreversible damage to your teeth and smile.




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