Prevent Cavities Program (PCP)

Until recently dentists were taught that if you remove bacteria with good oral hygiene (brushing & flossing), you'll be free of tooth decay.
At Blouberg Dental we know that cleaning your teeth alone is not enough to prevent tooth decay. Cavity formation(caries) or tooth decay is a totally preventable disease and yet nearly 100% of adults today have tooth decay(caries).
We use a new scientific model for oral health that treats the pH imbalance that in turn is directly responsible for tooth decay. Without acid formation, tooth enamel stays intact meaning no dental cavities.












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Watch the video underneath to see how fast plaque accumulate immediately after brushing (2-minute video)


Frequent snacking and the high availability of sugar are two of the biggest reasons why dental caries is a Pandemic today. It takes a high dental IQ and strong willpower to say NO to one of life's biggest temptations, sugar. Sugar today comes camouflaged in lots of foodstuffs like cookies, flavoured milk, breakfast cereal, Pro Nutro and oh yes, soda.










    The following are some shocking results released by the World Health Organisation:



























1.  Globally, between 60–90% of schoolchildren and nearly 100% of adults have tooth decay, often leading to pain and discomfort. 

2.  Over the past 50 years, worldwide sugar consumption has tripled, an increase which is expected to grow.

3.  Dental caries is the most common chronic disease in the world – due to exposure to sugar and other risks – and is a major global public health problem affecting individuals, health systems and economies.

4.  Excessive sugars intake causes serious dependence and quitting sugars consumption leads to withdrawal symptoms similar to withdrawal from morphine or nicotine.

5.  Sugars, particularly table sugar, are the most important dietary cause of dental caries in children and adults.

6. Dental caries is entirely preventable, yet it is the most widespread NCD and the most common childhood disease. 



At Blouberg Dental we make use of the CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment) system that is a scientific method to access caries risk and making specific dental treatment and restoration recommendations. This enables us to identify and limit the risk factors in tooth decay and effectively prevent cavity formation. 


High pH, no cavities
Dental plaque feed on sugar that forms acid and in return lowers the pH. This low pH(below 5.5) triggers calcium to be released from the tooth resulting in tooth decay. By focussing on controlling and increasing the pH(above 5.5), cavity formation ceases to happen. 

The Biofilm
The Biofilm is the sticky substance found on our teeth that contains dental plaque. If left undisturbed, the biofilm transforms carbohydrates and sugar into acid. It is this acidic environment that breaks down tooth enamel and leads to cavities. Science has shown that by eliminating the Biofilm or neutralizing the acid, we can effectively Prevent Dental Cavities.

The PCP plan
Our PCP plan is aimed at removing, killing and starving the biofilm and finally balancing the mouth pH. This multi-faceted approach is far superior to the traditional brushing & flossing that in effect only attempts to remove the biofilm.
If brushing and flossing alone are not giving you the results you want, we can help. Save on expensive dental bills and finally put a stop to tooth decay, period!


 Watch the 2-minute video(no sound) on what happens to the tooth surface 8 hours after it has been cleaned.














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