Space Maintainers

Ever wondered why so many kids have crowded adult teeth or space problems when their adult teeth come in? One reason is the early removal of baby molars due to tooth decay, infection or trauma. Space maintainers are a great solution to keep the space open after the baby tooth is removed.

Without the space maintainer, the area may become crowded and the permanent tooth could come in crooked or at an unusual angle, leading to problems and future orthodontic treatment.















space maintainer tableview; space maintainer blouberg  Space maintainers are a lot more affordable than having to correct teeth back in place with more extensive orthodontic treatments.






Why are baby teeth so important?


* keeping space so that adjacent teeth do not collapse 
* guide the permanent tooth into position
* help with eating and speaking properly
* encourage normal jawbone and facial muscle development




What are the steps for space maintainer care?


Avoid hard foods, sticky sweets or chewing gum or at least eat these on the other side of the mouth.
Do not bend or push the wire of the space maintainer with your fingers or tongue.
See your dentist for follow up visits.




See how space maintainers work and watch the short video below by Pardinas









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